Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nerves and shopping

I'm anxiously waiting for my degree results, due tomorrow! I've been so nervous I can hardly think straight.
(I've just completed a part-time fashion studies degree at London College of Fashion.)

So to soothe my nerves I've been shopping!

First I bought two gorgeous moleskine notebooks from fisk and fern
The plan was to give one as a gift and save one for myself, but two friends were in need of gifts so off they went. I'll definitely be buying another just for me.

I've fallen in love with the word 'barnacle'! Doesn't it roll off the tongue beautifully?

I've also been wanting to buy some of Gilfling's work for absolutely ages, her artwork is divine!

This pack of postcards caught my eye; the gorgeous textures and melancholy subject matter are just my cup of tea.

That's definitely taken my mind away from results for a little while, keep your fingers crossed for me please!

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liz aka hobbledehoy said...

Congrats on your degree! I love the word "Barnacle" too. It works so well as an expletive.

Those moleskines are lovely!