Monday, June 18, 2007

UK Etsy secret swap - Gorgeous bag from Memake!

Thank you to Askey for setting up the secret swap!

I received this absolutely adorable bag from Memake. It's stunning and just my cup of tea, I'm thrilled! She's used the most gorgeous mix of textures, including soft cotton knit, satin ribbon and sumptuous velvet (I keep sticking my hand inside just to feel it :D). To top it all, she made it in my favourite colours, yay!

Thank you ever so much Memake!


Carol Dean said...

A mixed media experience you can carry around! How wonderful :D I want to touch too . . .

Congrats on graduating, by the way!

tiina said...

Heehee, it's definitely the most pet-able bag, I'm a very lucky girl!

Thanks for the congrats! As I'm sure you can imagine I'm very glad to have finished. :D I've been sleeping it off!

Amity said...

How cool. I will definately be posting pics of my swap too.

And yes, congratulations!