Monday, July 02, 2007


Each season or so I find a different way to make a colour palette which includes purple. In the past I've been inspired by dairy milk chocolate wrappers, glimmers of light on oilslick hues (when petrol prices shot up, gah!), and the chromatic abberations of old black ink. Any excuse really to use my favourite colour; though in truth it's a particular shade of dusky plum.

Recently I've been returning to nature, using natural dyes to make the most amazing colours. What better time to appreciate them than twilight, when magic is in the air and the heady scent of fragrant blooms swirls around us.
(The photograph is my own, taken with my Holga camera; I dyed the samples of fabric myself too.)


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

beautiful! I love your photograph, and plum is a fantastic color :^)

Amity said...

Purple. :)

I love it.