Saturday, August 11, 2007

There and back again

My holiday number one is sadly over. I've had a truly fantastic time in Colorado, especially once I managed to get there! (Train delays, missed flight, a night at JFK...)
Much relaxing and tea drinking was accomplished, I really needed a total break. One of many highlights for me was an hour spent in a flotation tank (very wonderfully weird indeed) followed by a massage. I've also been doing utterly touristy things and have many, many photos to share (yay!) It's helped me find my creativity again.
Thanks to darling Mike for putting up with me :D and for the donation of a new (to me) camera!
One night at home, then off to Finland. Wippiee jetlag!

The Garden of the Gods was truly stunning, my photos don't do it justice at all. I found it hard to get a sense of scale, the rocks there are massive!
You'll be seeing plenty more photos of rocks from me though! :D


Janet Penny said...

I've just found your blog. Love it. Have added you to my list of bloggers I visit.

tiina said...

Thank you Janet, that's so sweet of you!