Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy dance!

I've been offered a job!
Starting on Monday I'll be a part-time fashion technician at a local college! After finishing my fashion degree I really didn't think I'd get a job in the field (especially as I don't want to commute to London). So I'm incredibly happy! It's all thanks to my sister, who spotted the job in the newspaper. I sent in my CV and within 24 hours the job was mine, wow!
Now to madly run around sorting everything out!

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Deb said...

Well done!! Thats awesome news! I must be so hard to land a corker like that :D

Heidi said...

It wasn't all thanks to me, you needed that 4 years of degree to get it too ;) and your natural charm of course! *spits out tea*

Congrats hun, onward & upward!

Your lil sis

fernfiddlehead said...

Greaet news about the job. congratulations.

The Creative Corner said...

Congrats!! How exciting for you!!

artandghosts said...

congratulations, you deserve it!

i love good news...:)

Slyvoan said...

Wow that's Great News!!!

I'm your blog neighbor (if you click previous) you'll find me!

Nice blog. Come over and visit.

And again best wishes on your new job!