Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vote if you love me!

My dress came in as a runner up! (It wasn't counted on the highest number of wow votes, but wows as a percentage of all votes.)
Anyhoo, winning wasn't the important part for me, truly. The wonderful comments and votes meant so much to me, thank you for warming my heart.

*Original post*
Or at least if you think my Paper Doll Dress is a WOW! :D
It's the last chance...
Deadline 15th February
(They ask you to register to be able to vote, sorry.)

Bless my mum, she's been clicking through all the entries on Stylemob to see who is winning so far. Apparently it's very close. Apparently I'm just in the lead *faints!* Bless my sister for her amazing pimpage skills *heart!*
I'm truly and utterly amazed by the response to my dress; I'm lost for words!

Meanwhile I've been doing some serious retail therapy...

New book smell

New shoes

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Katrina said...

Wow - i absolutely love those shoes :D
Well done on becoming a runner up in the contest :)

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