Saturday, May 10, 2008



The standing stones at Avebury have been a constant for millennia, and I take solace in the fact that some things are persistent. It leaves me wondering what my rock is, my constant, after so many things have changed for me in the past year. Some things have transformed for the best, others are harder to bear.

My very old CRT computer monitor has not been unceasing, and finally gave in to mortality a week or so ago. It's been replaced with a flat, un-desk-hogging LCD monitor. Looks good but... the depth of colour is all wrong, too flat. I've spent hours calibrating it to little avail.
I feel as if I'm flying blind, and have put photography on hold til I'm comfortable with it. The Avebury photo is a first tentative step.

I've been rummaging in my archives, inspired by Wooldancer's Urban Excavation Effect - finding forgotten things that may be useful (Wooldancer explains it far better than I can). I have a computer and external hard drive full to the brim with photos, and very nearly no space for new ones. Some serious de-cluttering is in order, especially as some of the photos have never really been looked at, just filed away for a less busy day.

This Lubitel film one of those, shot in February 2007. In excavating the photos I'm also unearthing memories... The scouring wind and cold of a winter's day. The feeling of being amongst these ancient stones, touching their deeply textured surface, absorbing their inherent spirituality. Then the cosy pub afterwards, with wonderful company all along.
I'm reminded of a previous visit too, a summer day filled with tourists, sheep grazing amongst the stones.

Enough reminiscing for one day, it's time for one constant in my life, a nice cup of tea!

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Donatella said...

the last time we were in Avebury we were the only ones there - us and the stones - Your beautiful photo reminds me of that day, thank you!