Sunday, December 13, 2009



In this hectic time of year I've been very lucky to join a printmaking class at work. Producing prints just for fun is hugely liberating; no deadlines or worrying about grades or commercial value, just mess and giggles! I truly loved making these monoprints, and the block prints which will follow once they're dry.

In other news I can now be found on Twitter; and radio where I happily listen to music whilst I work.
Have a wonderful winter.




the river said...

I love these tiina - stunning. have a lovely christmas/new year...

RowanDeVoe said...

i love these! printmaking is my first love in art and after 15 years of wanted my own press i finally got one just a few years back. i do monotypes mostly now where i layer yellow, red, and blue on top of each other to make all of my colours and i like to do people's faces-some that i make up and portraits for people. they are called monotypes because i can only make one of each and each monotype has a ghost print(a print of the left over ink which is lighter). i love to see what other people are doing! these are very much "you" from what i have seen of your photography and other art(if you have seen my photography it is usually full of colour and with a portrait or person as the subject). congrats on your classes. happy everything and new year!

ROOTMIX said...

yeah, i like your prints too!!!

Lrc said...

Wonderful images! I haven't done much printmaking but I do paint sometimes and draw--there is some great sense of motion in those prints. I am glad to have found your blog!

Abigail Thomas said...

very much liking you're mono printing - very much like my experiments - hope you continue to print