Thursday, November 08, 2007

Settling, settling

I've moved house at last! I'm still unpacking and finding places to stash all my bits and pieces, but it already feels like home. I feel so lucky; the kitchen is huge and has a professional range cooker in it, and my bedroom has french windows which look down on the garden. Wheee! It's inspired me, especially towards cooking, yum! So far we've made: filo parcels with mozzerella, parmesan and pesto filling; yorkshire puddings (which rose 3 times more than I expected!); bread and butter pudding; fruitloaf; and gnocchi (they looked terrible but tasted yummy).

Otherwise I have lots of catching up to do. Jen and Heidi have tagged me (I haven't forgotten!), and I've been promising to write about the natural dyeing I've been experimenting with. I've also been to some fun pattern cutting lectures through work, I'll share after I've finished my piece and taken photos.

Take care and be well, I'll be back soon with much more!

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Heidi said...

i'm still full up from that gnocci!!!
hehehe. thanks for teaching me how to knit, and needlefelt (a.k.a. voodoo!)
i've been busy! and thanks for having me round your amazing new house, it inspired me so much i got 4 crimble card designs drawn there! xxx