Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pocket Utopia opening night

I've snuck out of hibernation because I have some fantastic news! A few of my photographs are included in a show full of Etsy artists at a lovely gallery called Pocket Utopia, w00t!
You can find out all about it at their website with pictures on their blog and if you're in the Brooklyn area of USA feel free to pop along (I wish I could!)

Whilst I'm shamelessly pimping :D I was amazed to find one of my dresses in The Storque today!
It reminds me I should take clearer photos though, ouch!
It's the second time they've featured my clothing and my wonderful sister and model, Heidi!


Slyvoan said...

Nice etsy shop...YOU"VE BEEN TAGGED!

Please see this link for details

Anonymous said...

Belated congrats on being in the Storque, Tiina...Just wanted to pop by and say hello and Happy New Year!