Thursday, September 25, 2008


Many things have ended for me in the past few months; my twenties(!), summer, and a wonderful duel.

Mostly though, I'd love to show you the duel on
My sparring partner was the amazing Deyan and our theme was Food! The idea is to follow each other's photos, challenging and inspiring one another, with everyone winning in the end. Some of my best photos have been products of Deyan-duels, (this was our third so far).
I always have so many ideas, some of which just don't fit during the course of the duel. Here's my never-seen-before reject for the finale...

{Aurevoir mon petit choufleur}
Taken with a vintage polaroid camera and expired polaroid film.

A huge thank you to Deyan for being an inspiration as always. If you've not seen his truly awe-dropping photography before you can also find his prints at deviantart (I'm lucky to have some gracing my own walls.)

And lastly, my stock of polaroid film is running low. I can't quite comprehend that the film itself is being discontinued :( For more info see save polaroid.


The Alchemist said...

oh dear you are too kind. such a striking image. I have to say I am honored you saved it for my eyes only.

red-handed said...

The dimness is a brave choice, and it works (very alluring).