Saturday, September 05, 2009


Doors close and doors open. The air is feeling autumnal. I am being gentle on myself.

I love Tallinn; both its beauty and its age. Everything had changed so much since I was last there 14 years ago, it now has shiny, expensive, tourist areas! The shots I took are happysnaps, practicing using my Lubitel camera again. Now I can focus by guessing the distance between myself and the subject... the Lubitel's focusing screen is terrible!

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RowanDeVoe said...

i love this photo-just so mystery and beautiful. everything changes-i no longer recognize where i grew up. it was all farms and open land as far as you could see and little dirt roads. now there are hotels and shopping malls and more which many folks are delight about-i'm not. it makes me so sad. i need to move to the "land of old times" or some place like that. i am glad you were able to find this beautiful place for your photo and i am glad you are being kind to yourself as well-doors do close, but they also open-sometimes in unexpected ways.