Sunday, October 04, 2009

Time to turn the page


I am at my best when experimenting joyously, so I've been playing with simple sleeves. Fabric is such a wonderful medium for me because it bends to the form inside it, jersey especially. I can play with shapes, volume, and develop from there. The sketches shown are the very first iteration of 'what if...?'

I also reopened my Etsy shop last night. I'm back and feel stronger than ever! There will be huge changes in the next few weeks, one is that I have a new printer... the rest; time will tell.


Kala said...

exciting times!

denise said...

Experimenting joyously, it is good, isn't it? Thank you for the reminder. Time for a little joy!

insomnio said...

Hello I m from Mexico. I saw yesterday you wonderful work . I wanted to know, if you can tell me how it works one of you skirt , is so beautiful . I want to make one for me.